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Titanic Heart Of Ocean Necklace

Titanic Heart Of Ocean Necklace

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The Titanic Heart Of Ocean Pendant Necklace is drool-worthy accessory. Made of high-quality alloy and encrusted with stunning rhinestones, this necklace is an exquisite piece for any fashion lover's collection. The necklace measures 57cm in total length allowing you to move freely without experiencing irritation to your skin. This luxurious pendant necklace will bring an elegant touch to any look, perfect to show off your sophisticated style. Whether you're going to a party, the beach or the office, the Titanic Heart Of Ocean Pendant Necklace will have you looking stunningly glamorous. With a modern design inspired by the iconic ‘Heart of The Ocean’ prop from the movie 'Titanic', this piece is perfect for those who want to add a pop of glamour to their everyday looks! Get yours now!




Material: Alloy + Rhinestone
Size: About 57cm

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