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Sunglasses with Variable Electronic Tint Control

Sunglasses with Variable Electronic Tint Control

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Introducing the Sunglasses with Variable Electronic Tint Control – a revolutionary technological advancement that will revolutionize your eyewear. With seven adjustable levels and a sensor to log your daily UV light exposure, these sunglasses feature a sophisticated polarized LCD lens which can be manually adjusted according to the current environment and protect you 100% from UVA, UVB, and all other harmful rays – even when at the lightest tint. Our product has been designed with an advanced liquid crystal lenses equipped with double-layer polarized film to offer you not only protecting against scenarios requiring darker shades of glass but also perfect polarized effects. Enjoy being able to go on long drives or vigorous hikes confidently knowing that your unique pair of sunglasses has got your back! Experience new paradigms in eye protection with the world’s most unique design and technology – Sunglasses with Variable Electronic Tint Control.

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