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Silver Boxing Gloves

Silver Boxing Gloves

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Elevate your boxing skills and training sessions with our Single BT Boxing Machine. This wall-mounted indoor equipment brings a new level of excitement and challenge to your workouts. With built-in music and electronic boxing reaction capabilities, it's the perfect addition to your fitness routine. Test your reflexes and improve your boxing technique with this innovative electronic boxing target. Whether you're a seasoned boxer or just starting out, this rhythm wall target adds a fun and dynamic dimension to your training. Bring the thrill of the boxing ring to your home or gym and experience the benefits of enhanced coordination and speed. Don't miss out on this high-tech training tool that packs a punch in your fitness regimen.




Boxing Machine Description:
Material: PU Leather Polyurethane Composite Board
Size: 40cmx44.5cm/15.75inchx17.52inch

Package Includes:
1 training
1 USB Cable
1 Screw Kit



10oz Boxing Gloves Description:
Material: PU Leather
Size: 10oz: 26x16x16cm/10.24x6.30x6.30 inch
10oz recommended for ages 6+

Package Includes:
1 Pair Boxing Gloves

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