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Silicone Kitchen Strainer

Silicone Kitchen Strainer

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Making food prep easier and faster is now more possible than ever with the Silicone Kitchen Strainer. This kitchen strainer is made of a heat-resistant silicone material, making it both safe and durable. Its engineering allows it to be separated for easy use to filter solid and liquid foods. It fits all sizes of pans seamlessly, giving you an effortless draining experience every time. Equipped with a hanger design, this product is perfect for draining out excess liquids from your pasta, rice, or vegetables. Put convenience and speed into your cooking today with the Silicone Kitchen Strainer!




Style1: 10.5*14.5cm about 16g
Style2: 23*12.5*6.7cm about 210g

Packing Includes: 
1pcs * Silicone Funnel

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