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Ramadan Festival Decoration Lantern

Ramadan Festival Decoration Lantern

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Looking for a meaningful and memorable gift to commemorate the loss of a loved one during Ramadan? Look no further than our beautiful Ramadan Festival Decoration Lantern. This lantern is battery-powered, so it can be used indoors or outdoors and features built-in electronics for easy use. The 3 AG13 button batteries make it super easy to operate, and the lantern itself is perfect for hanging or independent use.


Material: Plastic + Glass 
Weight: 0.062kg 
Size: 13 * 5 * 5cm 
Packing: Tray 
Powered Mode: Electronic battery, 3 AG13 Button Electronics 
Style: White, Black, Red, Burdo Gold.

Packages Include: 
1 * Lantern 

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