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Pokemon Soft Plush Blanket

Pokemon Soft Plush Blanket

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Introducing the Pokemon Soft Plush Blanket, the perfect way to cozy up with your favorite Pokémon! Crafted from 100% ball-proof flannel fabric, this 3D printed bed blanket offers extreme softness, durability and a lightweight feel. Available in seven sizes, ranging from suitable for children to adults, parents and grandparents, it’s perfect for any size of bed or sofa. Or take it out camping, keep extra warm while at an outdoor cinema during a cold night, or snuggle up on those long travels. A great present for your friends and family alike. Don’t miss out on this upgrade to your bedroom décor – get the Pokemon Soft Plush Blanket today!

Size: Suitable for children, adults, parents and grandparents
70x100cm (27.55x 39.37 inch )
100x150cm (39.37 x 59.05 inch )
130x150cm (51.18 x 59.05 inch )
150x180cm (59.05 x 70.86 inch 
150x200cm (59.05 x 78.74 inch )
180x230cm( 70.86 x 90.55 inch )

3D printed bed blankets, soft blanket uses 100% ball-proof flannel fabric.
Lightweight, durable, and can be compactlyfolded.
suitable for bed, sofa, camping, cold cinema or travel. A perfect gift for your family and friends.

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