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Magic Wands (Shoots Real Fireballs)

Magic Wands (Shoots Real Fireballs)

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Are you ready to jump into the wizarding world? With this Magic Wand, your enemies better watch out! Now you can cast Expulsion, or a Confringo, and even a Sectumsempra with this unique wand! Don't transfer wards between people - make sure you get the real deal with THIS wand. It is the perfect gift for any aspiring witch or wizard and will be the difference between super fan and super fraud. Just like The Elder Wand, this wand features casting of fiery spells that pack a punch that will have your enemies running for cover! Crafted from quality resin and handmade with care, this wand has an impressive range of 10-25 feet given the size of fireball used. Charging is as easy as plugging in via USB - so you'll always be good to go when it comes to protecting yourself with magic! Get yours today and experience the Power of Incendio now!

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