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Machine-Stitched Football Ball

Machine-Stitched Football Ball

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Our Machine-Stitched Football Ball is the perfect soccer ball for casual kickabouts and professional matches alike. Made with durable, machine-stitched PU, it stands up to vigorous play and retains its shape game after game. Available in two sizes: size 4 for children and size 5 for adults. The circumference of size 4 is about 63 cm and weighs 350-400g, while the circumference of size 5 is about 69 cm and weighs 400-450g - perfect for quality performance regardless of age or experience level. Perfectly balanced weighting ensures a smooth flight from foot to goalpost every time, meaning you get maximum accuracy and minimal effort on each kick. Get ready to take your game to the next level with our Machine-Stitched Football Ball!

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