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GIGA 2.0 Mini Air Pump

GIGA 2.0 Mini Air Pump

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Introducing the GIGA 2.0 Mini Air Pump, a must-have tool for any outdoor enthusiast. With this portable electric inflator, you can quickly and easily inflate virtually any camping air mattress, swimming ring, or other inflatable item in a matter of moments. It's easy to use; simply plug the pump into an electrical outlet and attach one of the five included nozzles to your inflatable object. The high power output of 220 watts ensures that inflation is quick, and it's also lightweight and compact - perfect for camping trips or other outdoor activities. Plus, it comes with an additional 10 feet of cable so you can easily move it around as needed. With the GIGA 2.0 Mini Air Pump, you'll be ready for your next great adventure in no time at all!




Product name: Outdoor Air Pump
Material: ABS
Size: 43*43*53mm
Voltage: 13.5w
Inflation speed: 180L/Min
Inflation pressure: 3.5kpa
Inspiratory pressure: 3kpa
Electricity: 1300 mah
Compression rate: 50%
Accessories: With 5 gas nozzles
Brightness/use time: 40lm/10hrs, 160lm/2.5hrs, 400lm/1hrs
Light color: 4500k white
Applicable objects: Inflatable neck pillows, swimming rings, inflatable cushions, inflatable beds, yoga balls, inflatable toys


Package list:
1 * Air pump
5 * Different gas nozzles

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