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Introducing the GalaxiSpinner, the source of excitement you've been seeking! This compact spinner is meticulously crafted to deliver thrilling moments and endless amusement. Built with resilient plastic, it's prepared to tackle any adventure that comes your way. What sets the GalaxiSpinner apart is its vibrant LED lights, infusing an extra dose of fun into your experience. Whether you choose to indulge in its entertainment indoors or venture outdoors, it's the perfect companion. Suitable for all ages, from kids to adults, it guarantees hours of pure enjoyment. Whether you're seeking personal amusement or a unique gift, the GalaxiSpinner is your ideal choice. Don't let this opportunity for endless fun slip away!





Specifications:Battery: Cobalt Lithium Battery Size: 751518P Battery Life: Up to 100mAh LED Lights: Add extra fun Durable Design: Ready for action


Package Includes:1 GalaxiSpinner 1 USB Charging Cable Detailed Instruction Guide Original Box

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