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Fresh-keeping Food Container

Fresh-keeping Food Container

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The Fresh-Keeping Food Container is a high-quality, 100% brand new and super high quality product made of durable and convenient materials. It features a double-layered fresh-keeping design that dry and fresh can be dual-purpose, layered storage, the upper body and the lower body are separated, not easy to odor, and full preservation. It has a rotating buckle design that makes it easy to use. It is suitable for home use, outing, travel, etc.


Box Body And Lid Material: Polypropylene PP
Seal Material: Base Polymer For Silicone Rubber
Operating Temperature: Polypropylene PP (-20°C~100°C), Silicone Rubber Base Polymer (-40°C~200°C)
Style: Double Layer
Net Capacity: 300/480/670/870/1070ML
Color: As The Picture Show
Size: As The Picture Show(1inch = 2.54cm)

Package Includes:
1pc Double Layer Sauce Cup







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