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Electronic Poplight Fidget Game

Electronic Poplight Fidget Game

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Introducing the Electronic Poplight Fidget Game, the perfect way to enjoy competitive game-play with your friends and family. The game is designed for hours of fun in the comfort of your own home and features a unique and challenging light-up box. Its simple design appeals to players of all ages, while its deep complexity keeps you engaged even after you’re done playing!


The Poplight Fidget Game has special poplights which illuminate when the blacked out slate is pushed. This provides a unique gaming challenge that's sure to keep you on your feet as you rack up points. The game also comes in exciting color combinations, ensuring that no two games look or feel the same -- making it perfect for friendly competitions between close friends and family.


To make playing even easier, the box folds up neatly so you can set it up quickly wherever you are! And best of all, this sleek electronic fidget device even doubles as an autism console toy, helping youngsters learn patience, problem solving skills, and gain focus.


So whether it's a long afternoon at home or a family gathering where everyone needs entertainment, bring out the Electronic Poplight Fidget Game and let the fun begin!



Material: High-quality ABS plastic
Size: About 13 * 10 * 6cm (Size may have errors)
Battery: 3 AAA batteries (Not included)
Features: There are 4 game modes available on the QuickPush game console, which can be freely selected.
The game machine can exercise children's reaction ability, memory 
ability, and hand eye coordination ability; Multiplayer games can also 
improve children's organizational and communication skills.




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