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Car Door Warning Light

Car Door Warning Light

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The Car Door Warning Light is a great way to avoid accidental collisions. When the door is opened, the red light starts flashing so that you can be aware of your surroundings. It's easy to install too - just tear the adhesive around the edge of the door to fix it in place. Then pry open the gap at the bottom of the door and put in the drive to hide it. Finally, pull the wire to the door light and connect the red line to the anode. That's it! The installation is complete and you're good to go.




Product Specifications:
Voltage: 12V
Lamp Bead: 2835 / 5050
Length: 1.2M
Light color: White + red 
Mode: Streamer mode (with host) / Flashing mode(no host)
Installation location: Car Door


Package includes: 
2pcs Light Strip

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